Guidelines For Peer Review In The Fire Protection Design Process (2020 Edition)

The SFPE Guide for Peer Review in the Fire Protection Design Process (2020 edition) addresses the initiation, scope, conduct, and report of a peer review of a fire protection engineering work product.
It provides relevant guidance for fire protection engineers, project engineers of other disciplines, architects, code officials/authorities having jurisdiction, fire department representatives, building owners or owner representatives, and insurance interests.

The new 2020 edition includes:

■ A listing of definitions related to peer review terminology
■ More defined description of qualifications in line with the SFPE Recommended Minimum Technical Core Competencies for Practice of Fire Protection Engineering
■ Information complementing the SFPE Code of Ethics for Fire Protection Engineers
■ Added details to the important components of a peer review
■ Added content related to the limitations of the document

Available for free digital download