SFPE EUROPE April 2024

Issue 33 | SFPE Europe

A Message from the SFPE Europe Council Chair

Dear SFPE Europe members,

Welcome to the first 2024 issue of SFPE Europe Magazine. This marks my debut contribution as the European Chair, and I’m thrilled to provide a brief update. First, I would like to thank the previous Chairman, David Grossman, for a job well done during a pivotal period for SFPE Europe. SFPE Europe has now solidified its role in promoting fire safety engineering in the European context.

The SFPE Fire Safety Conference & Expo on Performance-Based Design is fast approaching. From April 17-19, the 15th global conference on this topic will be held in Copenhagen, featuring a captivating program. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so!

For my inaugural contribution, I’d like to revisit SFPE Europe’s mission, as it forms the foundation of our activities:

“SFPE Europe is leading the profession as a neutral, international non-profit organization to define, develop, and advance the use of fire engineering, fire protection engineering, and fire safety engineering best practices; expand the scientific and technical knowledge base; and educate the global fire safety community, in order to reduce fire risk.”

The significance of fire safety engineering has never been more pronounced, particularly as we are evolving to a more environmentally friendly society in an accelerating transformation. Our collective efforts within SFPE are crucial in this regard – together, we can make a difference!

I look forward to meeting you in Copenhagen!

Robert McNamee
SFPE Europe Chair